The Impact of COVID-19 on the Blind and Visually Impaired in Indonesia

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos throughout the world. Various reports state the virus first started in China in November 2019, before it spread to other countries around the world, including Indonesia. A few months have passed since its first outbreak, yet it was only a few weeks ago that the Indonesian government both at local and national levels begun to take serious measures.

COVID-19: Penjelasan Dalam Bisindo

Teman-teman Tuli bersama PSLD UB dan AIDRAN berusaha menyebarkan pemahaman mengenai Covid-19 dalam Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (Bisindo). Penjelasan ini bersumber dari sumber-sumber valid seperti World Health Organization (WHO).

Video ini disertai closed-caption dan suara dalam bahasa Indonesia yang mudah agar bisa diakses oleh semua kalangan.