Disability Policy in Australia

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Number Year Type Level Name Link
1 1954 Law National Aged and Disabled Persons Homes Act


2 1963 Law National Disabled Persons Accommodation (Assistance) Act


3 1970 Law National Handicapped Children’s Assistance Act


4 1974 Law National Handicapped Persons Assistance Act


5 1983 Advisory Group appointed by the Minister National The Disability Advisory Council of Australia


6 1985 Law National Home and Community Care Act Download
7 1986 Law National Disability Services Act Download
8 1989 Advisory Group appointed by the Minister State and Territory State and Territory Disability Advisory Council of Australia


9 1992 Law National Disability Discrimination Act Download
10 1997 Policy National The Commonwealth Disability Strategy Download
11 2007 Convention International Australian signatory to the United Nation’s Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Download
12 2008 Policy and Service Delivery State and Territories National Disability Agreement between State and Territories Government Download
13 2013 Law National National Disability Insurance Scheme Act Download