Research on practices of inclusive education in Indonesia’s higher education sector during the Pandemic

Having conducted an online survey of students with disabilities in Indonesian universities we argue the impact of COVID 19 on this group is significantly greater than for the general student body. We consider how their studies have been affected by the move to online learning and what this means to the success of their higher education studies. 

In the pre-Covid world, Indonesian students with disabilities faced barriers to quality education, ranging from a lack of physical infrastructure to being, largely, invisible to society and academic administration. As part of its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities, the indonesian government introduced a number of policies in the past ten years. While it takes time for any policies to deliver their impact, one thing that can be done is for every part of society to be informed about the rights of people with disabilities. To learn more of how students with disabilities have been affected by Covid-19 the report is available here.

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