International Conference Invitation and Registration

The 2nd International Conference on Disability and Diversity in Asia
“Theorizing Advocacy and Research for Disability Policy and Social Inclusion”

Date: 24-25 September 2019
Location: Law Faculty of Brawijaya University Malang, East Java Indonesia
Organised jointly with: La Trobe Law School Melbourne Australia, Pusat Studi Layanan Disabilitas (PSLD) Brawijaya University Malang, East Java Indonesia and Australia Indonesia Disability and Research Advocacy Network (AIDRAN)

Background information

Asia and the Pacific region are home to around 60 % of the worlds’ 650 million people living with disabilities. In Asia, 30 countries have ratified the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. These countries are obliged to adopt domestic laws that are non-discriminatory, and protect the rights of people with disabilities to have a life of respect, freedom, independence, and equality. As an incredibly diverse region, Asia’s unique history, variety of religious beliefs, socio-political and legal landscape can provide new insights into the experiences and practices of disability inclusion. Countries in Asia like Indonesia with a post-colonial legacy are shaped by their history in the development of its socio-political and legal structures, which is also their foundation for social inclusion practices. This landscape we believe forms a key consideration for policy research on disability advocacy, with scholarship on the socio-legal and cultural understanding of local practices being an important factor shaping the emergence of disability advocacy and disability studies.

With growing interest in policy reform to eliminate barriers for disability inclusion in the Asian context, this conference offers an opportunity for scholars, advocates and policy makers to share their research, knowledge, and experience working on various discipline that enhance disability inclusion at both the policy and social practice level. We hope that the discussion at the conference will provide an opportunity to understand the diverse experiences of local community members, government constituents and development studies specialists in Asia as part of the process of engaging, promoting and enacting practices of inclusion.

Key themes of the conference panels:

  1. Advocacy and social movements
  2. Access to justice and public law
  3. Media and assistive technology
  4. Inclusive education
  5. Arts, media, cultures and religions
  6. Public services and accessibility
  7. Employment, social welfare, and economy
  8. Disaster mitigation
  9. Gender and youth
  10. Leadership and political representation
  11. Health and well-being
  12. Research and methodology in Disability Studies


  • Arina Hayati, ITS
  • Bahrul Fuad, AIDRAN
  • Cucu Saidah, Jakarta Free Barrier Tourism
  • Darren O’Donovan, La Trobe University
  • Erin Wilson, Swinburne University
  • Joni Yulianto, SIGAB
  • Karen Soldatic, Western Sydney University
  • Kelley Johnson, Deakin University
  • Lisa McKenna, La Trobe University
  • Muchamad Ali Safa’at, Universitas Brawijaya
  • Nurul Saadah, SAPDA
  • Patrick Keyzer, La Trobe Law School
  • Piers Gooding, The University of Melbourne
  • Slamet Thohari, AIDRAN
  • Vivi Yulaswati, Bappenas RI

We welcome participants to our conference, to engage in the panel discussions and to partake in all conference events. Registration is for free through this link: For more information and to become a member of the Australia Indonesia Disability Research Advocacy Network (AIDRAN) visit our website:

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  1. Perkenalkan sy tony yuri dari badan litbang hukum dan ham kementerian hukum dan ham RI, kebetulan sy berminat utk menghadiri acara tersebut bersama teman-teman peneliti lainnya. Yang ingin saya tanyakan apakah ada jumlah maksimum peserta dari kementerian atau lembaga yang bisa hadir sebagai peserta dalam seminar tersebut?
    Atas jawabannya diucapkan terima kasih.

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