Advancing Advocacy Skills for Indonesia’s Young Disability Advocates

Advancing Advocacy Skills for Indonesia’s Young Disability Advocates

In collaboration with Brawijaya University’s Center for Disability and La Trobe Law School  through AIDRAN organised a six day training program for Indonesia’s young disability advocates. The training was designed to introduce and incorporate principles of equality, participation, freedom, independence and solidarity as key guidelines in promoting human rights based approach to disability advocacy based on the UNCRPD and Indonesia’s Disability Rights Law. Through intensive professional development training, and knowledge upskilling, young disability advocates learn from Indonesian and Australian leading disability advocates and researchers to identify strategies for disability advocacy and enhance the practical operation of their campaigns for disability inclusion at the social and policy levels. The training includes field study and classroom activities exploring practices of disability inclusion in real world scenarios and the application of rights within the UNCRPD framework. Participants had the opportunity to directly engage with policy makers through our field visits and discussion with the Chief Justice of the District Court of Malang, the Deputy Mayor of Malang City and the practices of inclusion at Brawijaya University. 

A total of 26 participants with sixteen of them have lived, experienced, shared their advocacy work and learned from Australia’s leading disability advocates on promoting disability inclusion.  Dan Stubss, Victorian Disability Worker Commissioner and Professor Patrick Keyzer from La Trobe University shared their experience and knowledge alongside Indonesia’s leading disability advocates including Dr Bahrul Fuad, Dr Arina Hayati and Nurul Saadah, MH.

This activity was supported by Australia-Indonesia Institute, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade





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