About Us

Welcome to AIDRAN, the Australia-Indonesia Research and Advocacy Network. AIDRAN is a leading Australian and Indonesian network of scholars, advocates and policy makers working collaboratively to improve the lives of people with disability. 

About us

AIDRAN is a collaborative network of Australian and Indonesian scholars, advocates and policymakers. We focus on providing opportunities for inclusive disability research, education and advocacy. Our objective is to influence development priorities that promote disability inclusion and rights within the Indonesian policy agenda. 

AIDRAN provides our members with a platform to share information, research and publications, develop inclusive academic curricula and, policies based on the most immediate research and best practices occurring in both Indonesia and Australia, with an interdisciplinary approach. 

Disability rights and social inclusion are now a core area of public policy under the global development agenda, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). In Indonesia, considerations of disability rights, inclusion and participation are central to issues of poverty reduction and social development programs. Indonesian social policy approaches are seeking to respond to this new agenda of disability rights, inclusion and participation. 

Australia possesses significant experience and resources in the field of disability research, services and advocacy. We hope that as a close neighbour and key development partner, Australia can offer its expertise and advice through AIDRAN to contribute to the lives of persons with disability in Indonesia. 

Dr Dina Afrianty 


Our Work

Members of AIDRAN support disability research processes and outcomes that are dynamic and engage with emerging local issues and concerns. We aim to expand the breadth of existing research to provide opportunities for inclusion and participation in the design, implementation and outcomes of Indonesian social policy. 

Our members learn from each other’s experience as researchers, practitioners and policymakers, exchange ideas to inform innovation and inclusion and, share outcomes across Indonesia and Australia in an environment that actively supports and promotes knowledge transfer between Australia and Indonesia. 

Our members work is conducted in partnership with Indonesian Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs), non-government organisations and Indonesian government agencies. Australian members work in collaborative partnership with Indonesian AIDRAN members, sharing capabilities, knowledge and skills to further the aims of disability rights, social inclusion and economic participation. 


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