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Mental Illness and Psychosocial Disabilities in Indonesia

Some people standing on stage of World Bipolar Day event
A quick glance at the state of Indonesia’s mental health care system indicates that there is much room for improvement. There are approximately 1,000 psychiatrists for over 270 million people. The number of clinical psychologists (around 2,000, mostly in private practice), community mental health nurses (around 7,000), and other mental health personnel is limited—clearly insufficient to meet the mental health needs of the country.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Blind and Visually Impaired in Indonesia

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos throughout the world. Various reports state the virus first started in China in November 2019, before it spread to other countries around the world, including Indonesia. A few months have passed since its first outbreak, yet it was only a few weeks ago that the Indonesian government both at local and national levels begun to take serious measures.

Caption on Video for Deaf

Ilustrasi mengenai caption pada video.

The use of video as a medium for learning has multiple roles in these day an age. With one click on a specific link, students can access videos directly from wherever they are. Unfortunately, often the video used is not…

People with disability: locked out of learning?

Indonesian students with disability are challenged by inadequate support and lack of accessible teaching and learning facilities. Photo by Tommy Kristiawan Permadi. Indonesia has made good progress towards increasing enrolment in higher education but it still has a long way to…